Watching Closely

Still only 3.

This morning, Mom was agitated and started pushing hard. She left the nest and paced the bathroom, chortling. Finally, she moved her bowels (for 1st time since birth) and then settled in with the kittens again. She has had little contractions throughout the day, but no major pushing or straining. No fever. No signs of distress.

Kittens are thriving and gaining weight. Mom seems exhausted. She won’t drink water, but will eat canned food with water stirred in. She is tending to kittens and resting when she can.

Update: By nightfall, kittens were climbing all over her with shaking-wobbly efforts and tiny little squeaks.

The buff male (#1) has discovered that he can push the other two away and steal their feeding sites. He is the strongest and biggest. Favorite place to sleep is across mom’s neck.

The orange female (#2) turned completely buff colored when she dried. She is the weakest and we monitor her feedings to make sure she isn’t pushed away by the others. She stays close to mom’s belly most of the time.

The gray-black female (#3) is the most vocal and protests loudly at the slightest thing. She is very strong and will defend her feeding spot. She is always on top of kitten pile. She likes to sleep behind the mom’s back, stretched out against her for warmth.

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