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Knowing your “norms”. I’m a full believer that we should know our normals health-wise. I know mine and can usually tell when something is off.

Several months ago, I went to the doctor and let him know things were off. I had lost some weight, my thyroid meds did not feel right. He did a blood test to check ONE thing. (Normally, my doctors run a full panel to determine what is going on, this one couldn’t be bothered.)

Based on his one-number test, I was patted on the head and told that this was my new norm, “Welcome to pre-menopause, it may last for 7-10 years!” He offered to send me to a specialist to balance “those pesky hormones”. Grrr.

Unconvinced, I started keeping track of things more closely. Symptoms did not fluctuate with cycles. I wasn’t experiencing most of the pre-menopausal symptoms. Most of my issues fell back into the category of my thyroid meds being off. I tried to adjust to my new norm…..But it was getting worse. This was not a “norm”, something was definitely off.

Fast forward to just after Christmas. After having been sick for over 1 month, I went in and saw a different doctor. Again, I revisited that things were off and I did not think that I was pre-menopausal. She ordered a full panel of tests and discovered that this is NOT my new norm.

My labs were all over the place and my numbers show that it has been this way for several months…. in 3 different areas. She adjusted my thyroid medication and is working to get me dialed in again. I started to feel better in just a few days and even though I am swinging back and forth while I adjust to new levels (normal vs. Energizer Bunny with insomnia) most of the “new norm” symptoms are completely gone. It is such a relief to have “me” back!

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