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Things in Full Swing…

This weekend has been insane! The final co-op program is Monday. I’m trying to get programs, punch, and a million other little details covered so that the show and after-fellowship goes on without a hitch. I’m also trying to line … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

Hubby came home from a business trip recently. Unfortunately, the kids and I are all at various stages of this bronchial, chest-cold that hangs on for like 4 weeks and involves body-convulsing coughing fits that make your head explode. Not … Continue reading

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Somebody…Talk me out of It!

Martial arts has always been something I wished I had tried, before I had children. My oldest was in Taekwondo for many years. I faithfully watched every move so that I could help coach my little ninja at home. When … Continue reading

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On Finding Normal

Hubby has recently received a promotion to a new position. He’s going through the learning curve and figuring out all the details of his new role. The person he reports to just moved to another role within the company, also. … Continue reading

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