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As homeschoolers, we tend to be behind the times with trends. Most times, we miss the bus entirely…or are run over by it. Lately, however, the Sarge has been interested in dance and music trends. We went through the Gangham … Continue reading

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Adventures in Contra

Contra Dance is an old English style of folk dancing that was brought to the colonies. The music is rhythmic traditional folk music, played on fiddles and guitars. The caller teaches and then cues dancers through the steps for each … Continue reading

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I looked around the gym. There were clusters of moms talking animatedly. The teens were playing soccer at half-court, being careful not to run over the ankle biters that were trying to have a game of football in the same … Continue reading

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Yesterday was co-op. It was a flurry of unpredictable activities and semi-familiar faces. There are many needs….some are simple like finding a name tag or calling in a helper to fill in for a mom with a sick child. Some … Continue reading

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Another day in the Outskirts….

It was an ordinary day. A day like any other. We had fallen into our usual rhythm of breakfast, chores, and school. The Imp was flopped on her bed reviewing spelling words. The Gremlin was on the couch finishing up … Continue reading

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