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Finding Focus

What is your focus? Early on, back when we first began homeschooling…an experienced homeschooling mom encouraged me to pray for God to direct our homeschool. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant in the beginning, because I was teaching kindergarten…..How … Continue reading

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The adventure: Part 3

When I went to pick up the kids, they were not done yet. I waited and chatted briefly with another mom. Two teens burst out of the room shaking their heads, “They’re talking in tongues in there! That’s MESSED UP!” … Continue reading

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The adventure: Part 2

We drove across the street to The Quaint Church. 10 Minutes before the service and only 7 cars to be seen. 3 of those cars had unloaded elderly folks. One had to belong to the pastor. Sarge spoke up, “Odds … Continue reading

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The adventure: Part 1

Recently, we have been making a list of churches in the area that we would like to check out. I’ve listened to sermons on line, read pages of church doctrines, and even watched a Youtube video of a youth group … Continue reading

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Random Updates

Gardening…..the big garden has officially been wiped out by grasshoppers, corn worms, and bunny-shaped-balls-of-destruction. It is no more. Dead. We will not be putting all our food in one location again. Apparently it screams, “Buffet!” to the local populous of … Continue reading

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Destroyer of Worlds

Remember the adorable baby bunnies that we played with awhile back? We were so pleased to see them in the neighbor’s field. All three of them survived the hawks and coyotes. We were delighted when they began to play and … Continue reading

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