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Planning and Organizing

This week is a planning week. I am getting the kids’ notebooks and schedules in order for the next school year. Even though we school year round, the big sales are going on, so we stock up on most of … Continue reading

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Spiders and Snakes, oh my!

Yesterday the kids went biking with Hubby. While they were whipping up and down the neighborhood streets, they came across a 5 ft. diamond backed rattle snake that was sunning on the pavement next to the long grass. With all … Continue reading

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2nd Run

Our garden is about through. The corn is yellowing and most of the creeping plants have dominated the yard but are not producing much these days. The grass has grown up around them and the few things that are growing, … Continue reading

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Harvest time

Last night we ate mostly from our garden. We had fresh sugar baby watermelons, sweet corn, and a zucchini and squash dish….all from the garden. We’ve had problems with something munching the leaves and caterpillars attacked the tomatoes, but everything … Continue reading

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Puppy Update

When we got Xerxes from animal control, his paperwork said he was going to be a little 25 lb dog and that his mom was a Schnauzer. He was the only smooth coated dog in the litter and we loved … Continue reading

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