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Wednesday Happenings

Another busy day. We’re going to have to catch up on school tomorrow! This morning we were up to make daddy’s breakfast, pack his lunch, and see him off to work. Then I threw in a load of laundry, wiped … Continue reading

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Early Voting

We voted today. Hubby has been encouraging us to go during early voting time so that we can take some time and let the kids ask questions and check everything out. (Yes, we’ve brought them every time we vote….but they … Continue reading

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Fall Traditions

Oooh, it’s my favorite time in Florida! The weather has turned cooler, palm trees don’t have beautiful leaf colors, but it is still nice to be out of the humid and hot season. My grass is also starting to “hibernate” … Continue reading

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Here’s to Bed Buddy Turbans and Sun Glasses

School is going much better now, the Imp is taking off in reading. I have solid hope that she will be an excellent reader before she heads off to college some day. The boys have stopped making excuses and have … Continue reading

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