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What I’ve got on Apple Cider Vinegar so far

Apple Cider Vinegar in a non processed (unpasteurized) state still has the “mother” in it. The mother is a cloudiness or scum layer of bacteria that grows at certain ph levels. According to the health forums (remember these are not … Continue reading

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Duplicit Christians

Today I took the kids to the park to do a cookie exchange with a group that we participate in minimally (2-3 times per month). I tend to avoid most of their activities because I get the impression that they … Continue reading

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Quest to Find My Feet and Apple Cider Vinegar

My weight has been stalling all month and I’ve been playing with the same 2 pounds. We’ve been alternating between increasing our walking speed and distance. But it’s having very little effect. In our quest to walk faster, I attempted … Continue reading

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Rewarding the Revolting Peasants

“If everyone could bring a little goody like candy, cookies, small toys, etc. for all the children in their groups. We will do like a valentines exchange. The reason for this, is last year, we had some older children upset … Continue reading

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Itchy Feet and Germany!?

Seems Hubby is getting itchy feet and starting to look within the company to move out of the Sunshine State (or at least our little corner of the tourist trap). He came home all excited about a posting in Germany. … Continue reading

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