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Finding my Normal

This week I went to the doctors (not the weight one, the thyroid one) he’s willing to keep me at the higher levels if I promise to report any and all heart flutters and hiccups. None so far. At the … Continue reading

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Two More Weeks to TV-Free

We did it! We finally called the dish people and canceled our tv programming. We are NOT getting cable, and currently, we don’t even get local programming. Yay! We’ve been increasingly frustrated with the kind of shows that are on … Continue reading

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Soul Stirrings

Well, it’s official. We’ve pulled our name off the nursery roster and begun to look for a new church. We hesitated to pull out sooner because we didn’t want to stir up hurt feelings and there aren’t any glaring problems … Continue reading

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Ode to Morning Walks

Ever since Hubby’s ER visit, we’ve been getting up each morning to go for a family walk with Daddy. We wake the children early and walk for about 1/2 an hour. The Imp and Sarge don’t seem to mind much … Continue reading

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Tea Tuesday…..Er…Wednesday

Yep, we’re late again. I think I may have to move our tea day to Monday so that I have lovely pictures to post and can get my act together by Tuesday. Tuesdays are just too busy with P.E. class … Continue reading

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Catching Hormones

Lately, the Imp has been in meltdown mode. If the boys say ANYTHING to her, she takes offense and bursts into tears or yells at them. When we try to talk to her about it she just says she gets … Continue reading

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Tea Tuesday……on…..Wednesday

Imp tearing up the marshmallows The Imp and I decided to make popcorn balls for our tea party today. We used the Rice Crispy Marshmallow Bar recipe, but substituted popcorn for the cereal. Yum! We are about half way through … Continue reading

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