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Projects are Stacking Up!

The Gremlin is going to be headed to grandma’s for a week. He just hit another growth spurt and he now needs bigger shorts, jeans, etc. The pressure is on and I’ve got two pairs of cargo shorts done with … Continue reading

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My Secret Life as an Insomniac

Last night I was working on shorts for the Gremlin….at 2… the morning. I actually considered waking him up to try them on so I could finish the waist band because I was WIDE AWAKE and feeling lonely since everyone … Continue reading

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Sarge got his cast off

The cast is off and Sarge is one happy little man! Yesterday Sarge got his cast off and was able to swim without a garbage bag. Yay! I don’t think he realized how ouchie and stiff his whole arm was … Continue reading

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Home Schooling- Applied Learning Funnies

We’ve been discussing several other religions this year so that the children are familiar with the differences that they will encounter outside of the home. Sarge came to me the other day with a ponderance. He believes that Prince Charming … Continue reading

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Sewing Projects

The weather has been rainy and the projects have been started. I’m sewing again. Before hubby left I made a cute little summer dress for the Imp. (Who once again outgrew every dress she owned at the same time!) While … Continue reading

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Working with What You’ve Got

Babies have been on my mind quite a bit lately. My goodness, there are a lot of downy headed babies around! The perfectly adorable ones that have the curled fingers and long lashes against their pudgy little cheeks. I smile … Continue reading

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Daddy is Home!

Hubby flew in late on Saturday night. (Plane delays from weather and mechanical issues.) It is SO GOOD to have him home again! We all missed him terribly. We had a wonderful Father’s Day together just hanging out and puttering … Continue reading

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