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And it continues….

The Gremlin’s got a fever now. The Imp is coughing but no fever. ***Update…the Gremlin is throwing up and not keeping his meds down, to keep his fever down. He is one miserable little guy and currently passed out on … Continue reading

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Quick Update

The Praises The Sarge has been fever-free for the first time in 6 days! He is back to being ornery with his siblings too, so I know he is feeling MUCH better. The Lord is good! The doctor told me … Continue reading

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Sarge Update

Yesterday, what was an occasional cough to clear his throat, became a body racking, deep cough, complete with constantly running nose and sneezing. I’m not sure if he’s allergic to his meds from the doctor, or if this is just … Continue reading

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Being Sheep (read the link for more)

Our night was a little better, he only got loopy once. He’s been having very disturbing nightmares/hallucinations because of his fever. This makes him fear going to sleep, which is compounding his problem. He woke up with another nightmare and … Continue reading

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Prayerful Night

The Sarge was up and down most of the night. When his fever spiked to 103.9 he started to get all loopy. He spoke incoherently and was in a highly agitated state off and on. We were able to calm … Continue reading

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Just Peculiar or Quakers?

It’s official, we’ve been noticed! A few days ago our neighbor was telling me about a little boy down the street. He doesn’t seem to fit in at school because his parents are protective about whom he plays with. They … Continue reading

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Dealing with Divorce and Wedding Invitations

Divorce and remarriage most often spark debate and strong feelings in Christian circles. We want to love and support family, but the circumstances surrounding many marriages are clearly going against Scriptures. Should we attend the function to show God’s love … Continue reading

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