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Birthday Week

This is birthday week here at Castle Gidcumb. The Sarge is back home from his travels with the Grandparents and he did great. He had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing some of his cousins and aunts and uncles. … Continue reading

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Simultaneous Languages

I was a little worried about introducing the Imp (5) and Gremlin (7) to German. The Imp is just starting to read English and write in cursive. The Gremlin is a fluent reader, but is learning the English grammar rules … Continue reading

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Registering for Bubble Gum

Last year, my daughter was aghast at how horribly evil I was because I refused to let her go around chomping like a cow on bubble gum. We have a rule in the house, no bubble gum till 5 yrs … Continue reading

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This is a test, this is only a test!

This week has been a testing week to see where the Gremlin is at for starting a new Spelling program, gauging the German program to his comprehension level, and completing his comprehensive tests in Math. He was plugging away on … Continue reading

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Seeds and Hara Kiri

My oldest is reading through the Bible independently this year. When he completes a section, we talk about it and he asks any questions that came up in the readings. Just before he left, we had this discussion. Sarge: Today … Continue reading

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Emptier Nest

This weekend we drove the Sarge 1/2 way up to Michigan to meet Hubby’s folks. They are going to show him the sights for a week and then they will bring him back down and stay to celebrate the children’s … Continue reading

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Tracking Cattle or Marking Christians?

This weekend we watched a show on RFID technology. I’ve been following its progress independently with growing alarm. RFID is a tiny computer chip that contains a number which can be read with a reader. The number is then input … Continue reading

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