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My Foray into Gardening

Ok, anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I can not keep plants alive no matter how hard I try. I water them, I talk to them, I even move them into the sunshine and rotate them……it’s always the same…..they shrivel … Continue reading

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Kermit’s Parole

The last of our boxes was unpacked today and the nesting has begun! The house has been wonderful but we are still getting used to all the doors and new turns. (I should stop walking into my closet when I … Continue reading

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The Lizard Patrol

Upon arriving to our new home, we showed the children their rooms and went out to check on the local lizard population. We saw several, but they could never quite catch one. As luck would have it, we found a … Continue reading

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Counting Travel Blessings

1Chronicles 16:8 (KJV) Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people. This is a list of things from our trip that I am thankful for: 1. The children didn’t get motion sick … Continue reading

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Turning the Page, Again

Family pictures are coming down today and the boxes are beginning to stack next to the wall. Tomorrow the movers will pack our things and we will close out our chapter here, and start out on a new adventure. Pray … Continue reading

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Excellent ‘Judas’ Rebuttal

I didn’t watch the latest drivel, The Gospel of Judas because the commercials alone caused me to yell at my tv for twisting the truth. I know better than to watch those programs unless I’m feeling very cantankerous, and then … Continue reading

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My Tiara

I have both of the boys reading in Proverbs for their devotions each day. Younger son has some trouble with the bigger words so I sit with him and listen as he reads. The other day we came to this … Continue reading

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