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Kid Cuddles and Fruit Slushies

Darling daughter’s cold took a turn for the worse yesterday, so today we were off to the doctors to have her lungs checked. Sure enough, she had some fluid in there and her ear was starting to bother her. She … Continue reading

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Laundry Detergent Recipe

I found a recipe for laundry detergent at Getting Back to Basics! The children are sensitive to certain detergents, but I’m not sure which chemical does it. I know things with aloe and some fragrances set them off. I will … Continue reading

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Elusive Parts

We were watching a show a few weeks ago that showed a pregnant cat and then she had her kittens. We flipped a little to avoid gore, but they got the idea and it was fun to see the baby … Continue reading

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God provided a Home

Week two of our travels found Hubby and I flying to Florida for a hurried house hunt. We had our lists of properties, town houses, and rental homes to see. We had our budget to consider, and the children were … Continue reading

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God provided a Car

Our trip to Michigan went well. Hubby completed his class for work. We have been trying to find a reliable and inexpensive vehicle. Hubby is a weekend car buff, so he was very specific on which cars he wanted based … Continue reading

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Weary Travelers

The weary travelers have arrived! We just returned home from a two week trip. We drove from Texas to Michigan for Hubby to take a class for work. Then we left the children with the grandparents (each set had them … Continue reading

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Dispersing our Stockpiles

Yesterday I completed #13, we ended up with tidy drawers and 4 bags of outgrown clothes to pass on! That got me to thinking about all the stuff I hang on to in my life. As I sat on the … Continue reading

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