Infinity Ward loses a lifetime customer

I proudly own all of the Call of Duty games that have been produced. My children and I have enjoyed them, and we have spent untold hours playing against each other in our own private wars over our home network.

But sadly, no more!

I purchased Modern Warfare 2 with the expectation that I would get the same great value for my money that I had with all of the previous games. It turns out that many changes had been made to the game that for my family destroys the value, and fun, we had come to expect in the franchise.

The inclusion of Steam was the first offense, no longer could I play with my sons and daughter, battling against each other for bragging rights without spending 4 times what it cost before. Unable to justify the now $240 cost, our private “wars” have to end with World at War. Infinity Ward’s quest to extract a kings ransom from my family to enjoy this game has left a very bitter taste, one I will not swallow.

But even more egregious, and frankly infuriating, is Infinity Ward’s decision to drop the ability to have multiple single player profiles available in Modern Warfare 2. This flagrant ploy (there is no other word to describe it) to force us to purchase multiple copies of the game to play the single player campaign is unforgivable.

Infinity Ward has diluted this value of the game to a point that I will NEVER purchase another game from the company. The value of the previous games in the franchise lured me in, but I was conned. This game has little value to my family, my son has played it, the rest of us wanted to….. but I will not submit to the extortion Infinity Ward demands.

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